Tamarisk Grant

Title of grant – Dolores River Restoration through Tamarisk Removal

Amount given $4,802 – Author Julie Knudson

The proposed project will support Phase 2 of ongoing research that was started in 2011. This project is currently tracking trial plots on four different tamarisk restoration sites established within the Dolores River watershed by the Uncompahgre Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Field Office (FO) on behalf of the Dolores River Restoration Partnership (DRRP). These pilot sites were created in 2011 to compare the efficacy of different restoration methods on tamarisk-infested sites within the river corridor. The overall purpose of the project is described in the “Dolores River Riparian Restoration UFP Draft Pilot Project Plan”.

This research is part of a much larger, coordinated restoration effort that entails treating, restoring and maintaining approximately 1,700 acres of riparian lands along the Dolores River. This pilot project is an important research component of the overall Dolores River watershed-wide restoration effort and will serve to both educate land managers about successful invasive species removal and revegetation practices and inform future decision-making and implementation efforts.

The following tasks will comprise the scope of work for this project: (1) Collect post-treatment monitoring data on 24 BLM Pilot Project Monitoring Sites, (2) Conduct data summarization and statistical analyses of data collected, and (3) Complete a final report summarizing above analyses. Monitoring activities will take place during the 2014 and 2015 field seasons.