Old Spanish Trail Conference


The 2016 Old Spanish Trail Conference will be held in Grand Junction, Colorado,
July 29-30 at the Clarion Inn. DEAR has awarded a $500 grant to help with the conference.

Was “commerce king” on the Old Spanish Trail, or were there significant additional factors that motivated and influenced historic travel and deserve further consideration in research and interpretation of the Trail?  How did the historic, natural  environment – plants and wildlife – sustain and/or affect early travelers and their livestock  – and how has that environment  changed since the early 1800’s? How can our members and our community help to protect and preserve the trail in their area? Learn how quality photographs can help interpretation, education, preservation, and management , and receive tips from a professional!

Those are just some of the topics to be explored  at  the 2016 Old Spanish Trail Association (OSTA) Conference July 29 – 30 in Grand Junction, Colorado at the Clarion Inn. With the theme, “Most Arduous…Least Respected – Colorado’s Old Spanish Trail,” the conference is sure to be rich in history, provoke questions, and demonstrate that history is alive and well on the trail.

More info on OSTA and the conference can be viewed here.