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DEAR Grant Application

 Complete one application for each grant request.  Applications can be submitted anytime; we will contact you within 3-4 months. 

A PDF version of our application is also available

How does the project meet DEAR's mission and grant guidelines?
Line item fiscal budget. Describe allocation of funds to personnel; e.g. per diem, hourly rates and totals, equipment and supplies, travel and mileage reimbursements.
Timing of disbursements from DEAR. If grant amount is substantial, disbursements may be in the form of progress payments contingent upon completion of interim project goals and reports.
Describe the source and amount of additional or matching funds, if any, that will be applied to the project.
Professional resumes of those to be performing the work, including academic credentials. May also be uploaded as a file at the end of this form.
If applicable, please include the scientific publication where research will be submitted.
All grantees must obtain the appropriate permits and letters of approval from the agency or individual(s) who perform the management, supervision, or ownership of the land or facilities that will be used to conduct their activity. This includes any activity performed on land administered by the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, specific County of interest, school, public building(s), or private property. Please indicate what permits/approvals you will require and when you will acquire them.
Upload a supporting file. Maximum size 2MB.

Thank you for your interest in Desert Ecosystem Analysis and Restoration.  We look forward to reviewing your application, and will contact you soon.