Mini Grant Program!


Hiking with Students.
Students make the difference.

In an effort to expand our reach we have created the ‘Mini-Grant Project’ for quick and easy access to funds for teachers and students who want to work on small projects.

Here is the Fun Part! We will award up to $2000 for service projects. And we want to fund yours!

And here is the Deal! All you have to do is write a one or two page proposal. Accepted grants will need progress reports and a final summary, including photographs and participation with our social media.

DEAR will consider the request of anyone whose project falls within our guidelines. Applications are accepted year round. We would particularly enjoy funding projects that encourage community involvement like public gardening, recycling, and mentoring. Other projects we’d love to consider would be wildlife conservation, guest speakers, film festivals, desert clean-ups, habitat restoration, field-trips, art, educational materials and scientific research.

To be considered please provide the following information: Why is your project important? Who does it benefit? What is the project and how will it be accomplished? How does the project meet DEAR’s mission? How will the money be used and documented? Who is involved in the project and who else is investing funding.

Here is a link to our online application. We are looking forward to hearing from you!