Jones Bluestar Demographic Study

This is a study of demographic and environmental characteristics of a population of Jones’ bluestar (Amsonia jonesii) in Mesa County, Colorado. The main objective is to initiate a long-term study whose ultimate goal is to enhance the conservation of this sensitive species which is listed as critically imperiled in the state of Colorado. Students will be employed to map and collect data on each individual of the population, including size, number of stems, number of flowering stems and number of pods. We will also collect environmental data. These data will be used to inaugurate a larger study of populations in this area which will result in a GIS study of potential habitat in Mesa County and an assessment of threats to this species, including the invasion of jointed goat grass (Aegilops cylindrica) using a Population Viability Analysis. This study meshes with DEAR’s mission of improving the integrity of high desert ecosystems through research.