Grant Applications

Grants must apply to a 150 mile radius around Grand Junction, at or below 7,000 ft. elevation. This includes pinon-juniper forests, desert (e.g. saltbush flats, sage brush, and shadscale communities) local wetlands, and other indigenous biological communities.

Three categories will be considered:

  • Educational Grants: It is important to develop a sense of ownership and place that enhances the status of the desert as a living ecosystem within the minds of local residents. Grants would support field trips, classroom experiences, and presentations to local community groups.
  • Research Grants: Grant funds would be used to address a) the impact of human disturbance on the above ecosystems, or b) biological interactions among flora, fauna, and their environment, or c) the ecology of specific species,
  • Restoration Grants: In some cases public or private lands may be degraded by improper management, alteration of hydrologic regimes, removal of native plants/animals, introduction of exotic plants/animals, recreation activities, and other types of development. Grant funds would be used to restore the ecological integrity of these lands.

Apply online


A PDF version of our application is also available

Send completed applications to:

P.O. Box 1234
Grand Junction CO 81502