GJ Main Street Community Garden

Our volunteers will be helping with the Main Street Community Garden on 10th and Main street.  

Locals from the garden meet every Tuesdays after 5pm and Saturdays after 9am. Some of our volunteers have joined this garden and agreed to seeing it through the season. It will be on our calendar on dates we know we have committed volunteers going. 🙂 Please Join Us!  We will pull weeds, water plants, talk nicely to sad vegetables so they grow. Stand around with community members and complain about the heat. and then pull more weeds. We will meet out by the shed, look for folks wearing green tee-shirts that say #MyGreenJunction… they will point you to some weeds.

Dress appropriately for bending over in 110 degrees and yanking upwards. Do you need gloves?? Yes… probably.

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