CRAVE Community Radio Station

CRAVE has built a community radio station to empower local citizens and groups to share their stories, experiences, and events with the general public. Radio programs will address CRAVE’s goals of education and community group empowerment focusing on youth development and infrastructure building.

Programming will include a broad spectrum of subjects with the goal of creating a more vibrant, inclusive and healthy community for everyone in Grand Junction. Programs will be digitally streamed, so they will be accessible to anyone with internet access. Programs will also be recorded and accessible on the radio website for ongoing use by kids, parents, and schools. This will be a huge community undertaking! Our group has been preparing for the last few years and we are really excited to see this project take off!

Clawdia Coyote has been a personality in School District 51 classrooms for several years.  With KWSI Radio, Clawdia will expand her audience with a youth-oriented radio show, featuring segments of music, storytelling, educational activities, personal development tips, and call-in trivia contests.

Shows will feature animal and human characters with a focus on youth participation in interviews and presentations. Lessons will include science, history, math, art, and language and correspond to the School District 51 curriculum. Kids will look forward to tuning in to hear the latest from Clawdia Coyote!

This will open up plenty of opportunities for parents and teachers, as well as our entire Grand Junction community. Parents will appreciate the safe, family-friendly venue for enjoying time with their kids and teachers will be able to utilize the recorded shows to enhance their classroom activities.

Please contact KWSI if you have any interest in volunteering with this ongoing project!