How You Can Help

We hope all visitors to our unique western High Deserts appreciate the beauty and solitude these regions offer. From spectacular sunsets to the tiniest of crimson flowers, these landscapes truly give something for everyone.

DEAR members are always available to speak to classes, service clubs and groups about these high desert regions and we also have literature that provides a better understanding of the issues. Please call us at 970-242-4863 or email us today and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

When visiting the high deserts:

  • Take pictures! If you have questions about any plants or wildlife, email your pictures to us and we’ll get answers!
  • Tread lightly. Many plant species are very vulnerable to our footsteps and take years to recover.
  • Stay on established paths.
  • Respect restrictions on motorized vehicles, camping and campfires.
  • Report any concenrs to your local BLM office.
  • Respect private property.
  • Do NOT feed wildlife.
  • Leave baby creatures alone, do not touch, do not move, to not take.

We invite you to visit the following web sites:

KWSI Community Radio

Grand Valley Audubon Society

Old Spanish Trail Association